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The Family Business

Published on August 09, 2021

The business of family.

Today I listened to my wife take a call from a fellow parent regarding our kids education, mask policies and quarantine procedures.

Reminded me that running our family is a small business and my wife is the CEO.

I happily play the role of chief sales officer and influenctial board member.

When it comes to critical decision making, project management and operations my wife does it all.

Like a f-ing boss!

In a few years when our kids our a little older she may consider reentering the workforce.

At that time there will be a decade plus gap in her professional resume.

She will be looked at as out of touch with the business world.

I can tell you from experience mom’s get s@$t done!

Their work running the business of the family should not be overlooked.

Ours runs like a well oiled machine.

Would love to hear about your “family business”

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