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Selling Services In A Software World

Published on July 16, 2022


Every so often, a gap in the market exists that needs to be filled, and it creates a whole new field that shows great potential for the first few that are able to corner it. For our host Josh and his guest, this was such a market in 2009 when they  became the first professional services partner for Marketo in 2009 and grew rapidly with the marketing automation movement. 

In this episode of the Love Selling Hate Sales podcast, Josh talks to Justin Gray, currently Chief Commercial Officer of Shift Paradigm, formerly LeadMD, which he founded in 2009 before it was acquired by Trendline Interactive. Josh, who happens to be one of the first enterprise account executives in LeadMD, reminisces with Justin the good old days of bootstrapping the company, the hard lessons they learned while essentially creating a new kind of sales model.


Don’t fight the market
Pivoting to a professional consulting business model
The productization of services 
COVID-19 dramatically pushed sales technology forward
Find the path to value, even hyper value
Always look through the client’s lens


Justin: “Don’t fight the market. The market defines what they want to buy.” 

Justin: “At the end of the day, people need a hook to latch on to. And still when we have conversations with new partners today, it’s like, what’s the three bullet points I can give to my team, right? And it’s getting harder and harder to articulate as your services expand, but you have to maintain that focus. You have to be able to tell people this is what we do, this is why it’s relevant to you, this is why it’s gonna make your customer successful.”

Josh: “The productization allowed us to confidently say, you’re going to get this methodology delivered this way no matter who you talk to. If someone’s sick, goes on vacation — God forbid, leave the company, the next person who slides into that slot you’re gonna get the same thing.” 

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