Scalable Growth Strategies

GTM Advisor & Board Member

Struggling with growth or made a recent investment?

Growth requires intentional and scalable go to market efforts. A career helping companies grow through Sales and Marketing best practices makes me uniquely positioned to ensure your company or investment succeeds.

What makes me different? I leave and breath this stuff everyday, working with investment portfolios and global enterprises to uncover the most impactful areas of opportunity. I focus on practical application, not theory.


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Get to know me

In the trenches

I started my career as an entrepreneur running a production business where I taught myself sales and marketing and how to scale. Then I jumped into a multimedia e-learning company where I built industry-specific vertical markets and go-to-market strategies. I was the guy who brought sales and marketing together to make GTM efforts successful.

Leading consultant

Fast forward to today and I am the top-producing account executive at Shift Paradigm, a growth consultancy (a spot I’ve held for the last seven years). I excel at helping companies develop go-to-market strategies around their ideal buyers.

Josh Wagner - Marketing consultant

Professional speaker

People like the way I explain things. Which is why I’ve been speaking professionally for over a decade, breaking down the value of marketing and sales I guess you could say I have a way with words.

Want to work together?

Struggling with Growth?

Want to know the biggest secret for growth? Start by creating a common language.

Definitions matter, how people define things across an organization is one of the biggest determining factors to growth. Speaking the same language ensure continuity and scale across people, process and technology.

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Josh Wagner

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Explore the opposing forces of selling and sales.

Each week, I interview the best and brightest sales reps and leaders to break down what it really takes to be great at sales.


Struggling to get real value from your marketing efforts? I can help.

As a marketing and sales consultant, I help Fortune 500 companies and high-growth tech startups get real results with go-to-market strategies that work.


As a regular speaker at sales and marketing panels, I often hear, “You’re the first person who has ever explained it like that.”

Organizations call on me to break down marketing and sales concepts into actionable advice.


Looking for an advisor or board member who knows a thing or two about marketing and sales? I’m your guy.

I help private equity and venture capital firms make sense of marketing and sales, and I can do the same for you.

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