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The Sales List is King with Brandon Bornancin

Published on October 06, 2022


If you can only pick one out of the many sales tools at your disposal, without a doubt you will need a sales list. Without the list, selling would be like finding a needle in a haystack, or trying to fish in a lifeless pond; it just wouldn’t be efficient nor repeatable, if at all possible.

In this episode of the Love Selling Hate Sales podcast, our host Josh Wagner talks to Brandon Bornancin, CEO and Founder of about the importance of having a good sales list that provides not just accurate, but relevant information. Tune in until the end to hear how to get $500 in credits for free, exclusive to the listeners of this podcast. 


  • How Brandon realized the importance of the sales list 
  • Why selling is a lot like fishing 
  • How to sort and understand relevant data points 
  • The bigger the organization, the more people you need to sell to
  • Utilize all channels to reach out to your prospects 
  • Think like a marketer, sell like a marketer 
  • The ideal sales tech stack for a B2B seller 
  • Maximize your sales list with hyper personalized reach outs 
  • Try exceeding your quota by 3 to 5 times 


Brandon on selling to different-sized organizations: “If you’re going after SMB, you could easily just go after the decision-makers and shareholders. If you’re going after mid-market, I would recommend expanding that seller’s circle. When you’re going after enterprise, you’ve got a big grid. Influencers, users, budget holders, decision-makers, approval, legal. You’ve got a ton of people that you gotta work through.”

Brandon on sales campaigns: “I believe in getting people in and out of the funnel as quickly as possible. I don’t believe in 30-day campaigns, 60-day campaigns, 90-day campaigns. I believe in one to two week campaigns. I’m going to hit you leveraging all the channels, trying to deliver as much value as humanly possible to you to transform your life, take you from where you’re at — your biggest problems, challenges, pains, struggles, to where you want to go.” 

Why Brandon uses every platform available to reach prospects: “The top brands that you know in the world: Apple, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Walmart, Target — they’ve got a million ads across a million channels. if people don’t know you, they can’t buy from you. So you gotta leverage all of these multi-channel campaigns in sales.”

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