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How To Avoid Costly Mistakes In Hiring Salespeople with Nigel Green

Published on October 06, 2022


Every business owner and hiring manager knows that hiring and training new talent is already expensive. But what makes it more costly is when you have to do it all again due to hiring the wrong people for the job.

In this episode of the Love Selling Hate Sales podcast, our host Joshua Wagner talks to healthcare executive and bestselling author Nigel Green on why hiring salespeople is the biggest challenge in the sales world today, and what proactive strategies are available for hiring managers today to stop making the same expensive hiring mistakes.

Nigel also touches on the skills and educational background that sellers can pick up to differentiate themselves and give them an edge over their peers. 


  • The biggest challenge in sales today: hiring salespeople 
  • What’s going wrong in sales hiring today? 
  • Do not forget to do a job analysis 
  • Have your interviews reveal the kind of seller that your job applicant is 
  • Compete with no one but yourself 
  • Be aware of your own hiring biases
  • Selling has become more about math than persuasion 
  • Sellers are losing because they can’t create a business case 
  • Where the sales field is going and how sales managers should adapt


Nigel on the proof that we are not good at hiring sellers: “What’s going wrong with sales hiring is that most sales managers think they’re good at it. If they were in fact good at it, then why is it the case that the average tenure of an account executive, which is a closer or a middle-tier performer in a sales organization, is 11 months or less?”

Nigel’s tips for becoming a better salesperson if you don’t have a STEM background: “If you’re listening to this and you don’t have a STEM background, well you should study just economics. Because so much of selling today has become about math, statistics, probability, and not about woo, persuasion.”

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