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Selling Services to and Through Software Partners with Reed Clarke and Paul Chadwick

Published on July 16, 2022


In this episode of the Love Selling Hate Sales podcast, Joshua talks to Reed Clarke and Paul Chadwick, both Enterprise Account Executives at Shift Paradigm. They talk about the importance of partnership and the general challenges one may face when building a partnership program.

Reed and Paul discuss the many different aspects of a partnership in terms of helping both the sales and corporate sides of the business. They also share some of the best and worst situations they experienced during partner deals and the lessons gained from these experiences.


Challenges of working with software partners
Why partnership matters
Trust and relationships make a successful partner program 
Applying the concept of third-party validation
The best and worst moments Reed and Paul had in a partner deal


Reed: “Getting that upfront trust and making sure you have a cohesive plan helps a lot with that. But also just making sure that the goal is set and everybody knows what they’re going to get. Everyone’s worried in the software services relationship like ‘who’s going to pay what?’, ‘where’s the budget going to go?’, and you really just have to be clear about that.”

Reed: “Unfortunately, this is the reason for the bad rap and the young software salesperson is starting to catch that which is just ‘we’re going to tell you everything does everything.’ And the problem is that their competitors are doing the same and there is a lot of crossover between all of this technology.”

Paul: “Enablement is a big one. Is there a partner program set up? And as partner folks begin newer roles in those situations, how do we quickly enable the sales folks to understand where we play in the market? How do we not take a revenue share from them? How do we incentivize?”

Paul: “There is an element of breaking bread with somebody and having a conversation, telling stories, and developing that trust and relationship because it starts to open those doors.”

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