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Best Practice isn’t always the Best Approach

Published on November 10, 2021

Best practice isn’t always the best application…

A lot of enterprise organizations I’ve been talking to want to optimize their investments in marketing automation.

Make sense, but they almost always say, “we need to get closer to best practice.

I fully understand the sentiment, but the application is not always realistic for a large matrixed organization like many enterprises.

Most of the marketing platforms are very opinionated in how they work and interact with CRM.

Let’s face it, most are designed for small to mid market B2B SaaS companies. Not organizations with multiple go to market motions, buyers, products, sales teams, etc.

Optimization should instead be evaluated through the lens of…

Do we bend the systems to meet our process or do we bend our processes to meet the system?

That’s an intentional assessment and value analysis which must be done in order to design a functional optimization plan.