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The Power of Positive

Published on August 19, 2021

You know when you meet that person who is just so damn energetic and positive you can’t ignore it!?!?

It makes you think… I need to be more like that.

We all get bogged down in negativity and let our mind go to the dark side from time to time.

We all know, positivity is important, but you don’t realize until you are in the presence of that person.

I was recently introduced to that person.

A good friend of mine, Brandon del Gaudio sent me a text saying, “you have to meet my friend Justin David Carl.”

Spend 1 minute with Justin and you will get it. I have been lucky enough to have spent a couple hours with him now.

One of those hours is this week’s episode of the #lovesellinghatesales podcast.

Justin happens to be an absolute baller of a seller, but listen to the episode we don’t talk about sales.

Justin passionately and eloquently tells his story.

A story about finding yourself, your path and shining so bright that you cannot be ignored.

A focus on mindset, surrounding yourself with people that “bring up your average” and acknowledgement that you are what you consume.

Give it a listen, Justin brings enough energy to power your week!