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The Messy Middle

Published on June 23, 2021

SDR -> AE -> ENT AE -> FLM -> VP

That’s the sales career path, right?

Problem is nothing is life is linear.

The messy middle is where you figure things out.

What’s right for you?

Going into a career in sales looking at this as your career path will very likely lead you down a path that just is not right for you.

There is a TON of nuance in sales.

Within the role itself there are a ton of variables.

Who are you selling to?

Product or service?

Volume and velocity or enterprise cycle?

Start-up or established?

That’s just to name a few things that impact a sales role…

Then there is the “natural progression” to sales leadership

How many times have you seen the star performer get moved into management… then FAIL!?!

Find YOUR path. It will take some trial and error.

We talk about finding the best fit customers all the time in sales and marketing.

Your career should be no different.

All too often an SMB sales role gets looked at as a stepping stone into a “larger” enterprise role…

What if it’s not? What if that role fits you perfect?

Self awareness is critical to your success -> it’s not linear because everyone is different.

Success isn’t linear.

Great conversation with Riley Gallivan about the sales career path on the Podcast this week… Join the conversation on LinkedIn.