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Serving two masters in Sales

Published on November 08, 2021

In sales we serve 2 masters…

The organization we work for and the prospect or customer.

Both have expectations of us, both expect us to produce a result for them.

On one hand the organization is providing you the platform (the product or service) to sell to make a living.

On the other, the prospect is providing you the outlet to sell that solution.

How do you balance them??

In my experience, any time I have put myself or the organization ahead of the customer I’ve lost.

I’ve either lost the deal, lost the trust of the customer.

Sales is a trust game, the trust MUST start with the customer.

Do right by the customer and you will do right by the organization.

How is that possible?

Well, if you do right by the customer you will design the best possible solution for them, even if it’s not yours.

When it is yours the deal will be better, better client and a longer lasting client.

When they aren’t a fit and you tell them instead of forcing your solution onto them, you gain their trust.

That trust will come back around, it’s the foundation of building a pipeline for life, rather that the month or the quarter.