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Selling with Love

Published on January 19, 2022

WTF is Selling with Love?

It’s a commitment to your craft.

Caring about the people you work with

Caring about the people you sell to

Caring about your product, service, industry and solution

The negative perceptions of sales are rooted deep. There are decades of bad sales characters, glamorized by Hollywood in movies like the Wolf of Wall Street.

Listen, I love the move, but does not do much in terms of making people trust me as a sales person.

This week I had an excellent conversation with Jason Marc Campbell, host of the Selling with Love Podcast and Author of an upcoming book of the same title.

We talked about the 4 emotional states in sales.
Shame and Guilt
Fear and Pride
Rational Sabotage

and finally Selling with Love.

Recognition of these stages help you as a seller to get to the place where you are more than a sales person.

You are a professional, an advisor, a consultant a subject matter expert a person helping another person make decisions they care about.

That’s Selling with Love.