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Sales Email CTA

Published on June 09, 2021

Super tactical sales tip…

How you end an email with a prospect matters.

No matter what stage in the cycle.

You goal should be 2 things.

1. Get them to respond

2. Create action toward your next step

Simplicity is key.

Bad CTA vs. Good CTA

Bad: Here is your proposal, let me know if you have any questions.

Why is this bad? You’ve sent a proposal, this is a critical stage in the process, you have given them no reason to respond to you!

Plus… not your follow-ups can only be the dreaded, “checking in on progress of that proposal I sent.”


Good: The proposal we reviewed is attached, do you have everything you need to start the procurement process?

Why is this good? First, never just sent a proposal, it should be reviewed in person or over a zoom call. Second, you should have teed up next steps in that review…

Next step is procurement in this case.

By asking the simple question, you have given them…

– a compelling reason to respond to confirm receipt of proposal
– reinforced the next step
– opened the door for anything you are missing to get into the procurement process.

Take this conversation to LinkedIn… What have your seen that works to close out emails to prospects in cycle?