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Practicing sales like a pro athlete with Jordana Zeldin

Published on June 27, 2022


In this episode of the Love Selling Hate Sales podcast, Joshua talks to sales coach Jordana Zeldin about why sellers should be practicing like professional athletes. As the co-founder of The Practice Lab, Jordana shares her incredible insight on how deep and deliberate practice can help sellers take their work to the next level, and which specific skills can be developed to improve their outcomes. 

Through practice sessions, sellers can fumble through objections and refine their pitches, which helps them get into the right headspace, and gives them a few tools under the belt that they can use in tight situations. Jordana also zeroes in on the importance of building rapport, listening deeply, and asking good questions to become an effective seller. 


  • Sellers should be practicing like professional athletes
  • We all need to be better at listening 
  • Discovery is not just about qualification 
  • Sellers should know how to ask good questions 
  • Deep and deliberate: How to practice sales effectively
  • Empathize, never validate


Jordana: “How deeply you listen directly impacts the amount that the person you’re listening to is willing to disclose. If we’re expecting, as sellers, that prospects open up to a total stranger about their deep dark challenges, one powerful way to encourage that is by listening really attentively.” 

Joshua: “No one’s sitting there watching you, or listening to your pitch, writing down a list of questions that they’re just dying to share with you. It’s your job to draw them in and be very strategic with that question, and put yourself in their world.” 

Jordana: “When I teach managers of sales teams how to coach, I’ve always found it to be really effective for them to position the practice as preparation in the same way that an athlete preps for a game. You’re not just living in this fantasy world to role play for role play’s sake, but you’re really grounded in the person that your coaching’s reality.” 

Jordana: “The science of behavioral change and skill development, as well as neuroscience backs everything that you just said, which is that if you go slowly and deeply; making mistakes, stumbling, doubling back and making corrections, that is where you most effectively develop your neurological circuitry.” 

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