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Making a Business Case for Change in Marketing

Published on November 12, 2021

A lot of marketers express frustration when it comes to being an agent of change within an organization.

They clearly see the potential, the opportunity to optimize and provide value through their efforts…

Then it falls on deaf ears with the executive team.

It often comes down to a shift in language. Executives typically want to see result of those efforts.

Marketing traditionally has struggled to tie business result to marketing efforts.

That’s the hill marketing has to climb.

It’s not that hard to take your ideas and shift them into executive speak. It just takes a little diagnostic.

Start with how the company makes money… Plain and simple.

Then look at the entire lifecycle of the revenue process in the organization.

As you map all the critical conversation points from acquisition to retention you will start to find clear optimization points.

There will be bottle necks, processes that don’t make sense. Each of those areas can be impacted by something in your marketing tool bag.

Take your baseline model and start applying conservative lift metrics at the most glaring fail points.

Show the positive shifts in revenue as the when you apply your solutions to the process.

Executive love to see the opportunity for lift, even if they know it, when it’s presented to them along side a solution it’s exciting.

It will remove barriers to securing budget for your mission and provide you a platform for future initiatives.

Marketers… what have you done to get exec buy in for your critical initiatives?