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How To Win In Times of Uncertainty with Daniel Gaugler

Published on October 06, 2022


Whether you’re on the bear or the bull side of the market, there’s no question that markets right now are unstable. Therefore, the challenge for companies right now is to weather the possible turbulence through sound management practices and strategies designed to help you win in the long-term. In this episode of the Love Selling Hate Sales podcast, our host Josh Wagner talks to Shift Paradigm’s VP Senior Principal Daniel Gaugler about maintaining growth in periods of instability. Daniel offers advice on focusing on your customer’s needs, strengthening relationships, and refining your process to meet your end goals. 


  • Focus on your customer’s problems and how to solve them
  • In uncertain times, more is often less 
  • Lean on your niche to differentiate yourself 
  • Think Process, not People 
  • Reduce friction where you can in the process  
  • Relationships matter 
  • Customers are talking to you because they want to win 
  • How much do you need to worry about targeting? 
  • The wider we go, the more we dilute the value we deliver


Daniel on what to do when sales targets are missed: “I always use a phrase. It’s ‘Think process, not people.’ I use that primarily when targets are missed, the first response is to blame people and not to inspect the process in which we’re going. Is it right? Does it meet the needs of our buyers, does this help us get to where we want to go?”

Daniel on the relevance of the Predictable Revenue model today: “As marketers and salespeople, we need to figure out how to be on the curve on the way up, not the one that is declining, which is where I would see predictable revenue today.”

Daniel on overcoming skepticism in technology sales: “There is skepticism particularly if you’re in technology sales today where everyone’s bought technology that has not worked. But at the end of the day, if someone’s in a conversation with you, you have to remember that they joined for a reason. And that’s because they’re hoping this solves some need that they have. They want to say yes, we just got to find what those guard rails are.”

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