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How to Scale from $50MM – $100MM

Published on October 15, 2021

What are the three things you need to build a sales team to scale a $25MM – $50MM company?

Bryan Caplin shared his top 3 on this week’s episode of #lovesellinghatesales

1. Top of funnel – building scalable pipeline is the life blood of a sales organization and the only way to grow. Heavy focus on the SDR team.

2. Enablement – good doesn’t just happen overnight, it requires an intentional focus on ensure the sales organization has the tools, training and coaching for continuous improvement.

3. Tech Stack – Great tech isn’t just a nice to have any more. Top tier sellers are making their employment decisions based on the tech stack available to them at an organization.

**Bonus – Bryan does a great break down of the core sales tech stack in this episode.

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