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How to Create Alignment

Published on November 01, 2021

Testing out a new series, Lessons from the Trenches.
Very simply, a quick daily video snippet highlighting something I heard, saw, learned in a real client or prospect scenario that day.
The first installment is focused on gaining organizational alignment when trying to sell, impact or drive change within an organization.
The example in this video is from a client workshop today, we are helping the roll out a global demand center, we hosted an exec alignment workshop today to align on the vision, goals and outputs.
That alignment included 40 leaders across the business including the Global CMO who set the stage with a brief keynote setting the vision and impact of this initiative.
Shout out to my colleagues Jamie KirmessDeven Pearson and Erica A. Sante for making this happen, and putting in the work to ensure this initiative is set up for success!
Would love to hear your feedback on this topic or the series concept.