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Hiring With Soft Skills In Mind with Frank T. Ziede

Published on June 27, 2022


In this episode of the Love Selling Hate Sales podcast, Joshua talks to professional trainer and facilitator, Frank T. Ziede talks about hiring applicants with emotional quotient or soft skills in mind.

While there’s a lot of emphasis on skills and a high intelligence quotient, Frank argues that innate qualities like self-motivation cannot be taught and are much harder to develop. Frank also talks about the shift in dynamics between applicants and companies. With job candidates having so many more career options today, companies also need to step up and ensure that they are adequately providing the needs of their employees. 


Soft skills are anything but 
Managers don’t know how to deal with emotions
People will pay more for a better experience.
Do you care about me, can I trust you, can you help me?
Companies should hire both for IQ and EQ
The hiring party should also put their best foot forward


Frank: “There’s a lot of people especially in the automotive world that have just felt like the number one thing that customers want is the lowest price. And there’s a ton of research and data that points to that that’s not the case. People will pay more for a better experience.” 

Frank: “Human beings are like ATMs. You’ve got to figure out my pin code, and you’ve got to start making emotional deposits from the moment I meet you. But most people don’t. Most people walk up and start withdrawing money.” 

Frank: “Hire for their potential. Hire for their inspirational elements inside, their attributions slash talents. And then think to yourself, what tool can I put on their end. Because if they’re not inspired on their own, if they don’t have these internal attributes that are like the rocket fuel that’s gonna guide them to this position, I can’t teach that.” 

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