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Finding The Right-Fit Sales Motion For Your Organization with Bryan Whittington

Published on June 27, 2022


In this episode of the Love Selling Hate Sales podcast, Joshua talks to EBS Growth Founder Bryan Whittington. Bryan goes through the nitty gritty of sales by providing a framework that sales leaders can follow as they figure out their right-fit sales motion, which is to define your strategy, methodology, and structure. 

Bryan provides both high-level overviews and specific tactical steps siphoned from his personal experience as well as a few well-placed authoritative sources, resulting in this comprehensive guide to success disguised as a podcast episode. 


How to evaluate right-fit sales motion for your organization 
Find your customer’s trigger event as soon as possible
Sales methodology is critically important
Radical Candor: Be assertive, not aggressive
Figure out your theory of constraints 
The questions you ask are more important than the things you say
The days of outside-only sales reps may be over


Bryan: “If I can’t find that reason to change behavior or pay that political capital upfront` then I’m gonna end that because if it’s a no, I want to know as quickly as possible.” 

Bryan: “In the old days, I found emotional intelligence was just ‘how well can I do this, how well can I talk to somebody and engage with somebody. But it’s so much more than that. It’s… do you give your energy away, meaning you have this high need for approval and so you’re giving your energy away. Or you can steal energy away.” 

Bryan: “With AI coming in, if you’re selling commodities, people just want to order it online. You’re gonna be out of a job pretty darn quickly if you aren’t already. Here’s the thing: if I’m features and benefits, stop it right away. And  everything that you want to say, couch it in terms of a question.” 

Bryan: “Too many sales leaders mess this up. They don’t understand their theory of constraints within their sales organization. So depending on what my sales strategy is, that’s gonna determine what my sales objectives are, and my daily activities per person.” 

Bryan: “One thing to take away is to have your plan. Don’t just wing it from a book, don’t look at somebody, another entrepreneur or another company that crushed it and build one like theirs. Find your own.”  
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