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Digital Transformation starts with Experience not Technology

Published on November 11, 2021

Digital Transformation starts with the experience, not the technology.

I am working with a prospect right now, they are years and millions of dollars into the digital transformation journey.

By all accounts it’s failed, the executive team is not seeing the wins.


The transformation to date has been a technology implementation. Really, that’s about it.

Digital transformation is about creating a world class experience for the end user enabled by technology.

It’s not about the technology.

If you don’t design the experience first, the technology does not matter.

It does not make the person’s life on the other end better.

Thinking about or in the middle of digital transformation?

Take a step back, start with the end in mind, there are people at the end who don’t care about the technology only about their experience.

Like most of us they tune into WIIFM radio!