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Published on January 20, 2022

Consistency matters.

The best sellers focus on building a pipeline for life, rather than the month, quarter or year.

Sometimes we get caught up in all of the things we have to do, but the reality is small things done consistently over time are more impactful than any one random thing you do.

Let’s look at the push up. Do 5 push ups for a few days… probably not going to have a huge impact on your ability to get much better at push ups, change your body or increase your capacity.

Do those same 5 push ups consistently for a year, two, maybe three? I bet you aren’t just doing 5 a day, and the compounding impact of all of them over time is dramatic.

Same for sales, we don’t need to do huge things to make an impact over time. I was talking with a friend yesterday (R. Craig Coppola), he has been in commercial real estate for the past 40 years.

Every morning to this day he does what he calls “get two”… meaning he make two calls to start the day.

2 calls on its own is nothing, but over 40 years, that is a ton of conversations and a huge network.

So, what are some small things you do everyday that have had a tremendous impact on your career?

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