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BulletProof Selling

Published on September 29, 2021

What can sales learn from the Marines?

Shawn Rhodes answers this question on the most recent episode of the #lovesellinghatesales podcast.

Shawn was a War Correspondent in the Marines. In that time he observed thousands of “practice missions” designed to keep people alive when it was time for the real thing.

Do you think the Marines rely on hope as their stratgy when they go on a mission?!?!

Of course, not! They design systems and build muscle memory around them which allow them to act, move and think freely.

Your approach to your sales career should be no different.

According to Shawn, systems can build build around everything in the sales process.

From prospecting to closing, and everything in between.

Building systems can be as simple as a checklist or as complex as an automated prospecting cadence.

It all leads to one of my favorite concepts on the show, “Building a Pipeline for Life.”

Not for the next month, quarter or year…

Build the systems and do the work early, hope will never be your strategy!

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