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Are you Experienced?

Published on June 16, 2021

No money, no contacts and no experience.

That was the situation in 2003 when I started my company.

Not exactly a recipe for success, truth be told the company did not succeed.

We muddled along for about 4 years, we generated some revenue, paid our bills, but we never really created a business.

My partner and I created a couple of jobs for ourselves.

We were the product and we created no way to scale.

Bummer right?

Thing is, the few times I have interviewed in my life that’s the experience people want to talk about.

When I am in a sales situation with an executive, that’s the experience I draw from.

Our experiences shape who we are and how we sell.

Starting and running a business (even an unsuccessful one) is an experience which shapes how I sell.

Cashflow, balance sheets, P&L, sales, marketing, partnerships… running, even a small business, is a crash course in all of the things.

Not every experience is going to workout, but they all have value.

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