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 6 Degrees Of Kevin Bacon with Joshua Wagner

Published on October 06, 2022


Remember the game 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon, where you try to link any other person to the prolific actor in six or less points of separation? Well, the same concept applies to building your pipeline. In this episode of the Love Selling Hate Sales podcast, our host Joshua Wagner outlines a three-point process where you can build your pipeline via the people you already know, both in person and on LinkedIn. 


  • Start building one-to-many relationships 
  • Use LinkedIn to drive executive door-openers 
  • Referrals from your customers are a source of gold


Josh on how you can build fruitful partnerships: “Regardless if one to many relationships are a good fit for you, you still need to do your due diligence around, ‘Does your solution solve a problem for their customer base? Is it a good fit? Are you able to complement the types of services or products that they offer?’

Josh on utilizing your executive team’s LinkedIn connections: “As email gets crowded, as cold-calling gets crowded, you’re asking SDRs to reach out to the most seasoned people on organizations. We’re gonna see that being more and more of a challenge. Leveraging your executives and their networks to open those doors is a one to many path to creating relationships at the highest levels and opening doors for you and your organization.”

About Josh Wagner: 

Josh is a growth advisor and the host of the Love Selling Hate Sales podcast. He specializes in helping executives understand modern marketing and sales to drive growth in a scalable way. 

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