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Make your Living in Discovery

Published on June 21, 2021

Make your living in discovery.

Discovery is your opportunity to…


Build trust

Dig into business problems

Understand personal pain

Build rapport

Listen some more

Set the table for a SOLUTION!

Hopefully that solution will include your product or service, but it’s possible it may not.

Discovery is such a critical component of the sales process. It’s not a call, a stage or a box to be checked.

It’s the crux of your deal.

The way to meet all the criteria above??

Stay curious… don’t accept cop out answers, don’t let the prospect off the hook.

Dig in and dig some more.

Discovery has to be an intentional fact finding mission.

When done right… it sets the table for a real negotiation. One built on value, trust and good intention.

Great insights on discovery from Riley Gallivan on the most recent episode of the #lovesellinghatesales podcast.